Get to Head Start on your Holiday and Gift Shopping!

Here’s an idea: Get a head start on all of your holiday and gift shopping! It’s getting warm and sunny outside, but many of us are still stuck inside. Make a list of all of the gifts that you will need for the rest of this year, and hit the online stores. You will feel like you are doing something productive, and you will appreciate the extra time that you will have later on, when we finally can go out again.

And while you are busy with your holiday and gift shopping, consider purchasing a tribute to one of these lesser known holidays coming up at the end of April.

April 25 is World Penguin Day (check out our adorable, little penguin charm!)
April 26 is National Pretzel Day! Mix a bunch of pretzels from all different shapes and sizes, and…. start munching!
And April 27 is Tell a Story Day… there’s another indoor activity idea! There’s also April 30….. Hairstyle Appreciation Day! Purchase some of our hair accessory charms to celebrate.

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